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The Human Condition


Understanding the Human Condition develops consciousness – self-awareness.

Paid people remain “volunteers”

Despite being paid, people remain largely volunteers. Whether or not people contribute fully is their choice. Each person chooses whether to contribute fully physically and / or mentally by sharing ideas and /or emotionally with enthusiasm and determination.

That's why high performance that is initially bought can rarely be economically sustained. Instead, it's sustained when intrinsic motivation is sourced within each person and meets shared Universal Human Needs.

Culture is the key to performance and success

It's widely agreed today that in any organisation people play the dominant part.

Culture is by far the most powerful determinant of productivity. It's essentially the combination of people's behaviours and attitudes. ie, what people do and how they feel about what they do - combined with values, traditions and stories.

Work cultures are affected by national cultures and corporate cultures.

Understanding culture begins with understanding human behaviour.

Human development, human behaviour and the Human Condition

To successfully change behaviours to more productive behaviour requires understanding human development, human behaviour and the human condition.

Prominent drivers of human behaviour include:

•   Genetics and nutrients;

•   Personal patterns and neural pathways developed in early childhood and largely entrenched by puberty. Subsequently developing consciousness of emotional triggers leads to new and more productive ways of using suppressed or unleashed inner energy. This eventually leads people to connect with their real Self and potential;

•   Past work experience;

•   Systems – many are sub-conscious;

•   Leadership – people tend to focus on the leader's focus.

Levels of consciousness:

•   Observed actions;

•   Words – inner and outer talk;

•   Thoughts—feelings—needs in a complex and often subconscious intermingling;

•   Intent guides energy use;

•   Core delusions drive intent;

•   Consciousness of core delusion and intent within a bigger frame;

•   Universal human needs.

Identifying and disentangling these seemingly complex and daunting combinations at a practical level provides valuable understanding.

We assist leaders to understand what really makes their people tick and then, using conscious systems built with care we free and connect people to be both more productive and to be happier, more peaceful and at ease with themselves - with life, free.


Business performance improves by freeing people from restrictive, unconscious systems and by freeing leaders and their people from society's restrictive imprinting and unconscious personal patterns.

Within productive structures and systems people return to being adaptable, connected, innovative, clever and emotionally intelligent.

Accountability and discipline

Accountability and discipline are fundamental for high personal and organisational performance. Both start with consciousness of one's own performance.

Self-discipline is the most powerful form of discipline. It's essential for consistently imposing discipline on those few people who fail to exercise adequate self-discipline.

Objective and well-understood measurements of performance are essential for self-discipline and for developing self-discipline and accountability in others.

Consciousness or self-awareness is the start of self-management and accountability.

Consciousness affects intent and the quality of energy invoked by leaders.

When guided by sound intent and systems, leaders who share control with their people increase people's ownership, accountability, commitment and enthusiasm.

Managing personal quality of energy requires consciousness.


What we've seen is that people in business, politics and relationships are often plagued by subconscious fears and guilt that can be released and removed and people freed by understanding Laws of Nature and the Human Condition.

This understanding enables us to support leaders and develop their effectiveness and bring a sense of ease while improving productivity.

We guide and develop leaders at all levels with practical on-the-job leadership support. Development begins with our unique, comprehensive 360-degree feedback. People appreciate its direct, reliable and balanced truthfulness and accuracy.

Consciousness is the answer. We have internationally proven ways of developing consciousness of the business and its drivers—operational and strategic.

We have allies and programs to deepen personal consciousness.

We assist leaders to design and implement conscious systems for conscious committed use of human energy.

Leading change

In our experience people are not afraid of change. This is repeatedly proved in human history and technological history. Instead, it's often uncertainty that scares people.

Where possible people need to be guided and supported through change in a way that builds people's ownership and understanding.

Providing a structured plan provides a path or process through the change that reduces uncertainty and builds people's confidence.

Process-based measurement, analysis and reporting systems help build a culture of achievement in which people are confident and face uncertainty as opportunity.

Another important factor driving people's behaviours is their level of confidence in their leader.


To maximize impact, an early requirement is for senior leaders to understand the concepts and commit through their behaviour to leading and supporting by example.

The second level of understanding is attained when senior leaders assess and understand their current and desired future roles and behaviours.

Every leader's primary responsibility is to achieve results. Other responsibilities include developing their personal abilities, their team's abilities and the abilities of every person in their team.

Defining Leadership principles and leaders' roles is productive.


To improve performance, improve the organisational systems that drive behaviour and do so in a plan for improving performance with leadership that is conscious, disciplined and committed and passionate for conscious, committed use of human energy.

We provide knowledge, methods and systems that support and make it easier for leaders.