Specialised Management and Leadership Services

Baseline Reviews

Baseline reviews help to understand people and to understand “where we're at”. Our reviews are not lengthy reports. They're useful facts presented directly and plainly.

Organisation reviews identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. They guide in developing plans for organisational change.

Because leaders' intent, quality of energy and behaviour can support or prevent organisational improvements we developed a proven, unique and comprehensive Leadership and Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness Survey Feedback.

It's discussed elsewhere and has been proven over a decade in America, Australia and New Zealand. It identifies strengths and areas for improvement. Packaging and delivery ensures disappointing news is well received because it's backed by solid, objective data verified from many sources and perspectives. Uncannily each person's strengths and weaknesses are echoed and reinforced many times in underlying data and graphical presentation. It's solid.

Its blunt honesty is welcomed and appreciated. People feel free because truth liberates and shows care.