Specialised Management and Leadership Services

Our Services

Our services include a full range from personal support for leaders through to organisational transformation. Our work is mostly hands-on implementation and trouble-shooting. We offer professional speaking, keynote speeches and facilitating.

Specific services

Leading business turnarounds and organisational improvement including assistance with introducing and managing substantial organisational change.

Improving client business performance:

•   Implementing projects to improve business systems and managerial performance;

•   Assisting client executives and managers to improve systems and methods;

•   Guiding development and implementation of organisational improvement plans;

•   Driving projects to improve cost-effectiveness;

•   Mentoring and coaching to improve leadership and management skills;

•   Working under contract in executive or senior line management.

•   Reviewing organisational performance

•   Evaluating and improving executive and managerial performance including practical conflict resolution.

•   Strategic planning

•   Instilling principles, systems, methods and tools of true continuous improvement.

•   Assisting a client's interaction with customers.

•   Providing professional and keynote speaking and facilitating leadership courses and business planning.

Ways in which we work

Depending on client needs and resources we can advise, guide on-the-job, support on-the-job or lead implementation under contract.

Levels on which we work

Business/Organisation level - changing systems and developing directors, executives and managers to drive desired performance.

Interpersonal/Team level - increasing team effectiveness and efficiency.

Personal level – mentoring and coaching executives and managers to improve personal performance.

Tools - providing tools and assisting people to continually improve organisational performance.

Work is tailored to suit individual clients. Our most comprehensive approach includes systems. Actual work depends on each client's specific needs.

Our work is guaranteed



Superior Personal and Organisational effectiveness - implementation support