Improving productivity and safety,
accountability and retention

Authentic leaders who really care, objectively identify core issues
before implementing a solid cure


Improving business and personal performance seems daunting. Well-intentioned tinkering too often hurts productivity, trust and accountability. It can seem confusing, frustrating and draining.

In a bureaucratic world of increasing complexity shareholders, executives and their people benefit from getting back to basics to simplify work.

Understanding productivity, core processes and the Human Condition drives simple changes using solid data, sound analysis and aligned systems. These dramatically improve performance, safety and quality. They develop leadership integrity and accountability.

People are connected and freed in disciplined, creative ways to improve productivity.


To improve performance and reliability improve organisational systems that drive behaviour – and do so in a plan for improving performance with leadership that is conscious; disciplined and committed; and passionate for conscious committed use of human energy.

Authentic leaders can develop high-performance, low-risk organisations with high standards and develop people to be accountable and conscious of intent and personal choices.

Leaders who connect and free their people can be both more productive and at ease – with themselves, with life, free.


Malcolm has led some clients to more than double productivity.

“An excellent process”

Hank, commercial manager for Dupont in America

“Saturday night a few of us got together and relaxed and really started connecting – honestly letting go and doing things and saying things they normally wouldn't – complimenting each other – and that's never happened for some of those guys”.

“People at work today are much more relaxed”

“Felt honest caring”

“They feel you are capable of understanding them”

Senior executive and managers at a modern gold mine

We strengthen leaders with knowledge, methods, tools and systems.


We guide and develop leaders at all levels with practical on-the-job leadership support. Development begins with our unique, comprehensive and rigorous 360-degree feedback. People appreciate its authoritative reliability, balance and accuracy.



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