Specialised Management and Leadership Services

International Expertise
Proven International Expertise
We've served clients in all industry sectors and successfully shared our expertise internationally. Our methods have led to doubling of productivity, improved safety and dramatically higher accountability and self-discipline together with increased retention of people.
Excluding clients for whom we did confidential trouble-shooting or executive assessment, our clients include:
﷯ DuPont
﷯ Iluka
New Zealand:
﷯ Solid Energy
﷯ Couer Gold
﷯ Caterpillar
﷯ Graincorp
﷯ Henty Gold
﷯ James Cook University of North Queensland
﷯ Consolidated Rutile
﷯ Eltin Contractors
﷯ Goldfields Ltd
﷯ Oakbridge
﷯ Xstrata
﷯ South Blackwater Coal
﷯ Brisbane Montessori
﷯ Melbourne Montessori
﷯ International Montessori Council
﷯ Shell Australia
﷯ Alcan Gove and Alcan Montreal staff
﷯ NSW government
﷯ Thiess
﷯ Cumnock Colliery
﷯ Manufacturers
﷯ Telecommunications
﷯ Professional services firm
We're proud of working for mining companies including coal companies. Mining and agriculture provide the foundation for all manufacturing and enable all services.
Benefits from correct implementation
1. Vastly improved business performance and profit margins. Productivity improvements of 100% or more and cost savings of as much as 50% have been achieved in processes around the world - without capital investment - because people armed with real knowledge directed resources to the best opportunities. Subject to leadership, the improvements have been sustained and lasting;
2. Vastly improved accountability and retention;
3. Personal benefits include improved personal effectiveness, easier work and greater satisfaction;
4. Cultural change;
5. Human resources development including leadership development at all levels and increased retention;
6. Enhanced customer satisfaction and market reputation.
Our approach improves processes to simultaneously lift productivity, reduce costs and raise safety.

We work successfully in all industry sectors because our work applies fundamentals.