Specialised Management and Leadership Services


People facing uncertainty associated with organisational changes find support in structure. We provide four forms of structure:

1. Building a structured strategy and plan for creating a new work environment;

2. Focussing on improving people's work not on buzzwords or programs. Our international expertise proves this provides meaning, enthuses people and maintains commitment;

3. Modifying management systems to drive aligned behaviour;

4. Provide people with support on-the-job: tools, skills, guidance.

Focus on, measure and report progress toward concrete, measurable goals. Our work and program are not the objective. Instead, the goal is markedly higher performance.

Use a baseline review to define the current organisation and its systems driving behaviour. Design the desired organisation and systems driving desired productive behaviours. Plan, implement and monitor the changes using project management principles. Measure progress toward achieving the new organisation and improved performance.

Organisational culture has far greater impact on productivity than do buildings. No competent manager would consider constructing buildings other than to a plan. Yet few managers have a plan for building their organisation's culture. Instead, often it develops haphazardly as a result of many random past and present people, events and forces.

Systems need to be built in accordance with fundamental principles aligning people's behaviour and needs with organisational needs.

Starting points vary according to whether the organisation's performance is at a low, medium or high level.

Conventional systems such as accounting systems may need to be fine-tuned and presentation of results aligned with business objectives to drive productive behaviours. Sadly, these are often rooted in counterproductive American systems from the 1930s.

Leaders benefit from being aware of common traps encountered in organisational change. Once identified, all traps can be avoided.





“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

Anatole France